Deep rest meditation

The association Deep rest meditation in Finland organizes silent retreats and deep rest meditation days in Finland. Our purpose is to support people to find their own path towards freedom, aliveness and connection with all living beings.

Through rest it is easier to let go of achieving and a need to control things. On our retreats and meditation days you can choose yourself, each moment, whether you are best supported by lying down, sitting, or some other meditation posture. It is important to create a space where each can find what meditation is for them. Surrendering to rest allows the body and mind to renew themselves, and also drops us into direct and non-conceptual awareness. Life beyond ideas leaves room for spacious joy and powerful shifts that make a real difference in our lives.

Deep rest meditation is inspired by Open Dharma ( Jaya Ashmore ( is an important teacher for us and has visited Finland several times.

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Past retreats:

  • 12–18 Oct 2023 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli
  • 5–11 Jun 2023 Noon Baldwin, Kreivilä
  • 15–20 Nov 2022 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli
  • 19–25 Nov 2021 Noon Baldwin, Elontuli
  • 2–4 Jul 2021 Jaya Ashmore, online
  • 6–10 Nov 2020 Jaya Ashmore, online
  • 6–12 Mar 2020 Noon Baldwin, Elontuli
  • 7–13 Oct 2019 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli
  • 4–9 Jun 2019 Jaya Ashmore, Lammi Retreat Center
  • 12–16 Dec 2018 Noon Baldwin, Elontuli
  • 24–28 Jun 2018 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli
  • 3–8 Dec 2016 Odelia Weinberg-Peri (with Jaya Ashmore online), Elontuli
  • 4–11 Mar 2016 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli
  • 7–14 Mar 2015 Jaya Ashmore, Elontuli