Using the online platforms

Instructions on using Zoom to access the online meditation hall

  1. Click the link.
  2. If you do not have Zoom already installed on your computer, the installation will begin automatically after you click the link. Follow the instructions on your screen. If you wish, you can also install Zoom beforehand:
  3. After the installation you are asked to give a name that can be seen by other participants of the meeting. It is nice to know who are with us!
  4. In the following menu choose ”Join Audio Conference by Computer”. You are now ready to join the meeting. (If for some reason you have difficulties using audio via your computer, you can also choose to use audio via phone, see below.)

You will only need the information below if you want to use audio via your phone.

Meeting ID: 836 5167 3818
Passcode: 490796

Dial by your location
+358 9 7252 2471 Finland
+34 917 873 431 Spain
+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom
+64 9 884 6780 New Zealand

Find your local number:

To prepare for online sessions, please:

  1. Use a computer or laptop instead of a phone if possible.
  2. Plug in the laptop to the electrical outlet.
  3. Find a good, stable internet connection even if you have to go somewhere for it. You want an upload speed of about 1 Mbps or more and a download speed of at least 5–10 Mbps. You can test your internet connection speed at
  4. Plug your computer into the internet router with an ethernet cable if possible, instead of using a wireless signal. If you get a really long cable, you can still sit where you want. The quality difference is like the difference between a landline and a mobile phone.
  5. If you cannot plug into the internet router, set up as close to the Wi-Fi router as you can.
  6. Use a good headphone and microphone “headset”and not the built-in microphone of your laptop or webcam, for a better sound quality for everyone, more privacy, and no echo/feedback. The microphone should comfortably stay close to your mouth. “If you can touch the microphone with your tongue, then it is close enough to your mouth.” Well-known brands like Logitech, Microsoft and Plantronics have good hardware for headsets. Jaya likes earbuds (Skull Candy), since they fit in pockets.
  7. Update computer software, if any updates are needed. Close other programs on your computer, such as internet browsers and apps. Turn your computer completely off and then back on—especially if it has been just in “hibernation” or “sleep” mode for many days when not in use.
  8. Leave time for testing your connection, installing updates, and solving technical problems before the opening session. The online meditation hall in Zoom will be opened 1 hour before the start of the retreat, and you can ask the managers for help.

During the retreat:

  1. Make sure you will be the only one using the internet connection if at all possible. If others are using video programs, like Netflix, YouTube, video games, or any large bandwidth usage, then our group conversation will likely have connection problems.
  2. It is great and relaxing to come to the meditation space 10–15 minutes early and tune in, be present, get settled, start meditating, … and that way you also have time to check that your connection and headphones are working, and to remember to go get yourself some water or go to the bathroom, etc.
  3. In general, it is helpful to mute one’s microphone so that background noise and static do not build up in the shared space. You can just unmute if you want to speak.
  4. If the video quality is low and audio also starts to break up, everyone can turn off video to use less bandwidth for the conversation.
  5. If your connection drops from the group call, or if you do not hear well, please let the manager know and use the chat box to ask for help if needed. If you cannot join via internet, please phone in. We really want everyone to be able to hear and share as easily as possible, and it really makes a difference if you are feeling “out” or feeling fully immersed in the meeting.